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Ethnographic complex "Shira Bena-Yurt"

Ethnographic complex

The cultural and ethnographic complex was built by residents of 12 settlements, included in the so-called Big Benoy. Ethnographic museum was the third in the republic.
"Shira Bena-Yurt" is a cultural and ethnographic complex opened in the vicinity of the village of Benoy, Nozhai-Yurt district. It is built in an old style in a high-altitude picturesque place.
12 houses built from natural stone symbolize the hamlets that are part of the rural settlement. Internally, the furniture completely reflects the life of the Chechens of the past by its household items. The person who visited Shira Bena-Yurt seems to be moving in time to a medieval village with all its attributes. Inside the houses there is even a special crockery, in which milk products were cooked and a clay oven for frying corn. The place of the construction was chosen not by chance, since it is associated with a large number of historical events.

Chechen Republic, Nozhai-Yurt District, Benoi Village