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"National Museum of the Chechen Republic"

Officially, the National Museum of the Chechen Republic was opened not so long ago, only in 1996. However, this is not true and fair. After all, the modern national museum is the direct heir of the museum of local history that was opened here in 1924, and the Republican Museum of Arts named after Zakharov. No wonder that its rich history directly affected the wealth of collections and storerooms.
Initially, the museum occupied a very small room, where were brought the future exhibits. At that time, the collection was provided by enthusiasts. Among the exhibits were the ancient coins, and jewelry, household items, and everything that is somehow connected with the history and life of the region. Today, looking at a large-scale modern building of the National Museum, getting acquainted with the extensive collection and visiting the exhibition, it's hard to imagine that once in its collection there were barely 200 exhibits.
Over time, weapons, armor, works of sculpture, painting and other arts appeared in the museum's storehouses. Unfortunately, military actions damaged the museum fund, and the material and economic base was completely lost. However, today the museum is constantly developing, its funds are replenished, more and more exhibitions and other events are held. Today the visitor of the museum will be able, among other things, to appreciate the paintings of Rubo, Tropinin, Grabar, and also look at the ancient armor and weapons, elegant national clothes, characteristic objects of a harsh but so interesting life of the local people.
In total there are several permanent exhibitions in the museum: the hall dedicated to the First President of the Republic Akhmat-Khadji Kadyrov, "Ethnography", "Archeology", "Caucasian Native Equestrian Division 1914-1917", several rooms dedicated to the arts, extremely interesting collection of decorative-applied arts. But in order to fully immerse themselves in the history and culture of the region, it is worthwhile to clarify with the administration about the free guide to the museum.

Address: Putina Street, 1B, Grozny, 364068
Opening hours: from 10:00 to 17:30, Thursday from 12:00 to 20:00, the day off is Monday. The sanitary day is the third Friday of every month.
Phone: +7 (8712) 29-50-24