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Khaybakh - tower complex

Khaybakh - tower complex

Khaybakh is a large medieval tower complex in Galanchozh district of the Chechen Republic. It consists of various functional structures: fortifications, residential and religious buildings, including combat and residential towers, as well as a mosque. In the complex lived surnames related to the Chechen teyp "Nashkhoy".

In the middle part of the village of Khaybakh, in the lower row of buildings, there is a group of towers, which includes one combat tower (partially destroyed after shelling, during the second military campaign in Chechnya) and two residential towers.

In the Northern, part of the village of Khaybakh in the area called Hizhigh is the tower complex, consisting of combat and three residential towers.

Petroglyphs of various types can be seen on the walls of the towers.

The Khaybakh architectural complex is an example of Chechen medieval fortification and residential architecture. All structures are distinguished by a high level of construction technology, careful finishing of details, and proportionality of all parts of the tower.