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Light and Music Fountain

Light and Music Fountain

The largest and only one-piece water-filled fountain in the world at the time of launch. The length of the structure is 300 meters, the width is 40 meters, and the height of the jet is 100 meters. In some respects, it surpasses the famous Dubai fountain.

Its splendor will amaze the most experienced tourists. This delightful structure pleases the eyes of residents and guests of the capital of the Chechen Republic in the evening. This fountain is located on the territory of the tourist complex "Grozny Sea".

The fountain, made in the form of a national Chechen ornament, is illuminated by 3,6 thousand spotlights. Its opening was timed to celebrate the 197th anniversary of the capital of the Chechen Republic.

Hours of operation: Saturday, Sunday from 20:00 to 21:00