Why it is worth visiting Chechnya

Traditional cuisine

The Chechen cuisine is one of the most ancient and simple cuisines. Dishes are nutritious and high-colorie. They are prepared quickly and with simple products. Meat-mutton and poultry, in natural state, are the basic products in preparing dishes. The most common ingredients of the dishes are hot spices, onion, garlic, pepper, thyme. Quite a lot of dishes are prepared from rampson, cheese, pumpkin, cottage cheese, maize and of course dried meat.

If in the house of a Chechen a crowd of guests is gathered, then the main dish will always be Gigig-Galnash. Gigig – is meat, galnash –are small boiled dumplings – dumplings with meat. Everything is simple, clear and very delicious.

Amazing nature

It is not a myth, in the Chechen Republic you can see hundred times picturesque landscapes than in the Swiss Alps. Kezenoy-Am, Veduchi, Eagle s Nest, Tsoy-Pede, Khoy- it is not even the half of those natural sightseeings after which Chechnya will stay in your mind forever.

Once visiting the mountains of Chechnya, it is impossible to forget the incredible beauty of these places that had conquered the hearts of Lermontov and Tolstoy.

In Chechnya you will see monuments of ancient architecture and distinctive culture. There is an amazing combination of fast growing modern cities with cozy mountain villages. Today Grozny is the new pearl in the necklace of cities of which Russia is proud of.

Unique culture

The Chechen culture is unique and inimitable with millennial history of its own. It has all types of genres, the inherent characteristic of civilized nations, yet distinctive ethnic peculiarity on which had influence as well as the geographical position as the ethnocultural environment. The Chechen folklore has the following genres: mythology, heroic epos, fairy tales, legends, songs (ritual, labor, lullabies, etc.), proverbs, children s folklore, religious folklore (hadiths, nazms), creation of jukhurgovs and tullikovs. The mythology of the Chechen people preserved fragmentary. The Chechens are ancient people with unique culture, keeping and multiplying for centuries their traditions, customs, and rites. The Chechen people struggled for survival from generation to generation and it could not be unaffected by the development of the social sphere and the establishment of the government in the Republic.

The determinant value of the Chechen culture is all what we have inherited from ancestors, - creative culture, generosity, respect, good relationships with each other, without what the traditional Chechen art cannot exist.

Hospitable people

The arrival of a guest into the Chechen house – is a whole ritual. It is considered among Chechens that any guest is a gift from God, and hurting a person asking for a shelter is considered as a great sin and the indelible shame. That is why a guest is highly respected and protected in every way. The Chechens honor with respect traditions of their ancestors and try in every possible way to satisfy those who come to Chechnya.