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Resort Sernovodsk - Kavkazsky

Resort Sernovodsk - Kavkazsky

The history of the discovery of the healing waters of the village of Sernovodsk goes back to the distant XIX century. Later, mineral water from 9 springs and wells of the resort "Sernovodsk-Kavkazsky" became famous for its healing properties throughout the Soviet Union. The picturesque scenery and clean air of the resort also play an important role in the rapid recovery of patients.

Here you can undergo treatment of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, organs of movement

and supports, stomach and intestines, skin, as well as gynecological diseases and metabolic disorders. Massage and physiotherapy, mud treatments, climate therapy and physical therapy are actively used to improve the health of patients.

The resort has several sports fields, a pond and a boat station. The main medical institutions are located in the Park, where there are broad — leaved trees-maple, ash, poplar, thuja, as well as ornamental shrubs.