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Sport and Tourist Complex Nikhaloevskie Vodopady

Sport and Tourist Complex Nikhaloevskie Vodopady

Natural landscapes that amaze with their unknown beauty, picturesque mountain ranges, dense forests, endless plains, wild, hidden from the human eye, beautiful waterfalls all this is included in the sports and tourist complex "Nikhaloevskie Vodopady".

Here nature has created a beautiful cascade of waterfalls. The highest of them is 25 meters, and there are 12 of them in total. This place is a real Paradise for extreme sports fans. Bizarre rocks, gloomy canyons, huge blocks of stones create a sense of the unknown and primeval.

On site there is a cottage of log home that is designed for three adults with all the comforts, consisting of two rooms, living room and bedroom, mini fridge, bath tub, bathroom, Wi-Fi and satellite TV, restaurant, football pitch and sports hall.

Address: village Nikhaloy, Shatoyskiy district, Chechen Republic


Phone: 8 928-269-59-59