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Sports and tourism complex Kezenoy-Am

Sports and tourism complex Kezenoy-Am

High-altitude lake Kezenoy-Am is the largest lake in the North Caucasus, located on the border of Cheberloevsky district of the Chechen Republic and Botlikhsky district of Dagestan. The reservoir was formed because of damming the valley of two small rivers-Kharsum and Kaukha. The collapse that dammed the valley occurred from the southern slope of the Kashkerlam range, below the confluence of these rivers. The cause was most likely an earthquake. Rivers and streams that flow into it, as well as keys that knock out in the basin itself feed the lake. The lake has no surface runoff, but it obviously has underground runoff through the surrounding limestone rocks.

The lake basin has steep slopes and a flat bottom. The depth of the lake reaches at least 74 meters, but there are depressions, the exact depth of which has not yet been recorded. The length of the lake from North to South is 2 kilometers, and from West to East — 2.7 kilometers. The maximum width is 735 meters. The length of the coastline is 10 kilometers. The water level in the lake varies from year to year depending on the amount of precipitation. The water in the lake is cold, in summer the surface temperature does not rise above 17-18 degrees Celsius. The water temperature in the lower layers is about 7-8 degrees Celsius. In winter, the lake freezes, the ice thickness in some years reached 70-80 centimeters.

The convenient location of the lake in the basin prevented the occurrence of waves, so in the 1970s there was organized a training base for the USSR national team in rowing and Canoeing.

Today, Kezenoy-Am has a whole tourist complex with all the amenities for recreation and training. It includes hotel, restaurant and recreation areas with gazebos by the lake. There is also have a variety of services for leisure activities.

The complex becomes an object of attraction for tourists from different parts of the world, because it hosts marathons, trail Runnings, sailing regattas and other events.