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"The Chechen State Drama Theater named after Kh. Nuradilov"

In 1931, Abdurakhman Avtorkhanov founded a theater studio. In 1933, the premiere performance "Red Fortress" based on the play by Said Baduev was performed on the stage of this theater. It was about the civil war in Chechen-Ingush Republic. After this performance, the theater received the status of the Chechen State Drama Theater.

In the 1930s, the theater held performances in the Chechen language on the works of such famous writers as Gogol, Schiller, Moliere and plays by young Chechen writers Muzaev, Sheripov, Baduev.
During the Great Patriotic War most of the actors voluntarily went to fight for their Fatherland. The remaining actors under the direction of G. Batukaev and A. Svobodin continued to perform patriotic plays and speak to the Red Army near the cities of Mozdok, Armavir and Krasnodar. In 1942, the theater was given the name of Hero of the Soviet Union Khanpasha Nuradilov.
In 1944, Chechens and Ingushes were deported from the republic, so the theater suspended its activities, and the actors settled throughout Central Asia.
The theater was restored in 1957.
A year later, the first performances such as "The Girl from the Mountains" by Abdul-Khamid Khamidov, "Waves of the Terek" by Magomed Musaev, and "Aslanbek Sheripov" by Khalid Oshaev were held there.
The repertoire of the theater included performances by works of the classics of Chechen, Russian and foreign literature: Said Baduev, Idris Bazorkin, Nikolay Gogol, William Shakespeare, Pierre Corneille, Garcia Lorca.
During the military campaign in the Chechen Republic, the theater was moved to the North Caucasian republics and the Krasnodar District. Artists of the Chechen theater restored several performances from the old repertoire in the theater of Cherkessk and toured with them in the cities of Europe. Also in Cherkessk appeared the youth theater "Prometheus", in which Chechen actors performed.
In 2008, the building of the Chechen State Drama Theater named after Khanpasha Nuradilov was restored. The first performance held in the revamped theater was the play "Testament". The plot was based on events in the Chechen Republic over the past 15 years. This performance became a visiting card of the theater.

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