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State Gallery named after Akhmat-Khadji Kadyrov

State Gallery named after Akhmat-Khadji Kadyrov

State Gallery named after Akhmat-Khadji Kadyrov was created by the Order of the Government of the Chechen Republic No.143 of April 12, 2010. The gallery was opened on August 22, 2010 by an exhibition dedicated to the birthday of the First President of the Chechen Republic, Hero of Russia, Akhmat-Khadji Kadyrov.

The exhibitions of works by the artists of the North Caucasus and Russia are updated monthly in the halls of the gallery. Exhibition activity is carried out in two halls of the gallery with a total area of 525 square meters.
State Gallery named after Akhmat-Khadji Kadyrov, there are presented the decorative and applied arts of brothers Movladi and Movsar Yusupov from the city of Shali. Among the exhibits there are national musical instruments, weapons (sabers, daggers, battle axes, spears), armor of soldiers of the 18-19th centuries, as well as household items.
The Gallery became one of the centers of spiritual and moral education of youth, the center of propaganda of the art of painting and applied art, the center of education of the people of sublime feelings to art.
The collection of the gallery is constantly replenished, and many of the works are unique. The fund of the gallery includes the objects of painting, sculpture, graphic arts, folk and decorative and applied art of domestic and foreign masters.
The gallery works hard both to replenish its own collection, and to promote artistic creativity of brush masters and other genres not only among the residents of the republic, but also far beyond its borders.

Address: Isaeva Street, 75, Grozny 364024
Phone: +7 (8712) 22-36-94
Website: http://aakg.ru

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