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Gudermes water Park

Gudermes water Park

The Gudermes water Park is the first water Park built in the Chechen Republic. It has many entertainment complexes, convenient cafes where you can have a snack and hide from the scorching sun rays.

Right at the entrance there is a Luna Park for children of different ages, with carousels, playgrounds and attractions. One of the pearls of the water Park is a large pond with a system of channels. Vacationers can go on boats and catamarans, or just sit on the shore of the reservoir, admiring the fish frolicking in the water. For this purpose, comfortable benches are placed around the entire pond. One of the unique features of this water Park is that it is divided into two identical zones – men and women. In this way, the issue of religious requirements was resolved. The territory that the water Park occupies can be called huge. Sixty-seven hectares made it possible to make the Gudermes water Park multifunctional and can accommodate more than five hundred people at the same time.

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