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Meshi - tower settlement

Meshi - tower settlement

Meshi — tower small village on the southern slope of mount Kharsakort. This is the westernmost settlement of the Malkhistinsky gorge and the entire high-altitude Chechnya: the North - Western ridge is the border with Ingushetia, and the South-with Georgia. A rough estimate of the age of buildings built in the XIV–XVIII centuries.

Meshi consists of two complexes. A five-story battle tower with a pyramidal roof and a large four-story semi-combat tower with a stone extension surrounding them were masterfully constructed on a steep slope of rough Sandstone on lime mortar. Inside the battle tower, there are still remnants of wooden floors. A small cellar is built at the bottom of the tower. At the floor level of the upper floor on four sides were located fighting balconies-mashikuli, which are now partially destroyed. The semi-military tower with an extension partially collapsed.

On the opposite Eastern slope, across the stream is a second residential complex. It is mounted on a rocky ledge of poorly treated shale slabs on a clay solution. It has a plan in the form of a trapezoid, slightly tapering from the main to the rear facade. Inside the four-story tower, the ledge of the rock base occupied part of the space of the first and second floors. The lower floor is blind, the second with Windows and an entrance from the Southeast. Ledges of walls, pilasters leaning against them, and two support pillars that stood inside the tower, supported the floors of the first floors. The third floor is residential, high, with large Windows, traces of clay coating on the walls and an entrance from the Southeast. Its ceiling was supported by projections of side walls, corner bundles and longitudinal wooden beams. The fourth floor had the appearance of a semi-open verandah with four wide rectangular embrasure openings, open towards the Meshi-hi river valley, and a flat roof.

In the lowlands, on the left Bank of the stream that flows into the Meshi-Khi River, there are two tower-like crypts with a pyramid-stepped roof. The first, single-level, with a front Eastern wall. The second, two-tiered, is made of well-treated stones, with white walls, because lime mortar was used abundantly. The entrance to the first level is on the East side, and to the second - on the West side. The thickness of the masonry is about half a meter.

The tower village of Meshi has an original architecture and is of great interest as an example of a monumental complex of the middle ages, combining residential and defensive functions.