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Ruins of the Geshi tower complex

Ruins of the Geshi tower complex

The ruins of the Geshi tower complex are located on the right side of the Geshikhi River at the foot of the Bastylam Mountain opposite the Bugichu gorge.

This village is notable for the fact that, according to legend, it was from this village that the first ancestor of modern Ingush — Ga came. Here he writes about it known on the Caucasus and ethnographer Bashir Dalgat: "Galgay (Ga) out of the Argun gorge Geshi County and, settling in Galgauska gorge, founded galgauska society" (Dalgat, B. K. "Tribal life and customary law of the Chechens and Ingush". M., 2008).

At present, only the ruins of this village remain. The battle tower was lost (blown up) after the deportation in 1944 and in its place now lies a large pile of stones.

The ruins of Geshi are convenient to visit during a trip to Gimara.