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«Sheikh Palace» Restaurant

«Sheikh Palace»  Restaurant

The restaurant of oriental cuisine "Sheikh Palace" is located in the most picturesque place in Grozny near the mosque "The Heart of Chechnya" on theleft bank of the Sunzha River. The restaurant gives a unique opportunity to enjoy all the best colors of the East and immerse yourself in warm and cozy atmosphere from 11:00 to 23:00. It includes all the best dishes from Eastern, Japanese, European and national cuisines. The highlight of the restaurant is a veranda with panoramic windows overlooking the city. And the interior of the restaurant "Sheikh Palace" is made in light colors, and thanks to the large windows in the hall there is always a lot of light. The main slogan of the restaurant says: "Sheikh Palace - all the best for you!"

Address: "Grozny-City" Hotel, 3 floor

Phone: 8 (929)-898-99-33